Mindful Diva Dating - Five steps to get in your zone & attract Mr. Right

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You are smart, amazingly talented, and genuinely good.

You would be an ideal partner, if only men could appreciate your qualities! However, you have been single for a while or in a "complicated" relationship. Then, the book is for you. 

Three surprising traps where women get stuck

  • Some women get lost before they even start their search for Mr. Right because they don't know what they want for themselves. They put focus on “us” very soon, before thinking, whether he is actually “the one”.
  • Understanding what makes a woman attractive and worthy in men's eyes is crucial. Otherwise she may put a lot of effort into things nobody is asking for and wonder why he takes her for granted.
  • Past break ups and painful experiences make women more careful, so called “smarter”. However, being “smarter” includes also suspicions, anger, fear and limiting beliefs. These all reduce energy frequency and limit which kind of men will they attract.

How to break the vicious circle and start attracting the quality men

It may look like there are no good men anymore and dating is a waste of time! While in reality, the barriers hidden in the subconscious, are the cause of the struggle.

Would you like to know how to solve this puzzle?

With the help of neuroscience, we can separate and transform the elements that contributed to the problem. While doing this, your energy frequency will automatically rise. You will know this is happening, when you notice sudden increase in men’s interest in you.

Here is what you will learn inside

  • Explore your personal history and understand your relationship patterns
  • Get over a divorce or a break up
  • Determine what you really want in a partner.
  • Discover why men are more attracted to divas than to good girls.
  • Learn how to feel like a shining woman that men are crazy about.
  • Enter the dating market in a full grace of a mindful diva.
  • Filter out interesting men online and steer clear of low-quality individuals, creeps, players, and scammers.

The book Mindful Diva Dating, is a step by step guide how to reach "your zone", where attracting Mr. Right becomes possible. It is sprinkled with stories from my life and examples shared by women from several countries. It also includes practical exercise to bring you the results.

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Mindful Diva Dating - Five steps to get in your zone & attract Mr. Right

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